Neo-Shamanic Shadow Works

Facilitator Training

My intensive programs are designed to teach participants everything I can and share as much of what I have learned in my  37 years of leading workshops and trainings.

They are unlike other training in some very important ways. First,  I am a person who greatly values the Shamanic sensibilities especially the use of non ordinary states of consciousness for the purposes of healing, regeneration and reorientation. But I am also a serious student of most schools of psychology and incorporate the insights and models of depth psychology especially the Jungian frame. I  use as much as I can from  other schools but Jung’s great project is the most comprehensive understanding of the psyche and, thus, has engaged me since 1986. I believe that this combination is the best method for healing and development.

To use a metaphor, healing past traumas is like an archeological dig- uncovering buried issues and experiences that have been repressed or locked in the unconscious and bringing them to the surface to be released. But the other side of healing and reorientation is more like a construction project -a developmental process that seeks to help clients with their psychological and spiritual development. That is in some sense an ongoing life long project but one that is largely missing in modern culture.

I am about blending experiential processes such as Breathwork with the developmental models of depth psychology and,  thus, my trainings are geared toward that end making quite different than most of the Breathwork training currently being offered. We also focus on the process known as Initiation form Grof”s Perinatal psychology though a deep understanding from historians such Mircea Eliade as well as through the Jungian understanding of this extremely important process of change.

This dual interest in non-ordinary states of consciousness work combined with depth psychology heavily influences my understanding of the dynamics of the psyche as well as my sensibilities of what it take to be an efficacious, ethical and grounded facilitator of this work as well as being able to help clients work with and integrate non-ordinary experiences with an emphasis on development task toward Individuation.

My programs are not open to just anyone who wants to sign up as some trainings are; rather,  I hand pick a small group who then go through the whole program together so that the depth and safety is great enhanced. This adds safety and cohesiveness unachievable in open groups. This also allows each participant a chance to practice actually facilitating and leading a Breathwork as well as individual sessions with me for personal development and teaching tailored to the individual.

Those applicants  are accepted enter into what could be best described s an apprenticeship intense two year training done in separate year long programs. The first is Neo-Shamanic Breathwork Training and the second year is Jungian Coaching Training. Each year consist of two residential week longs here in North Georgia per year, ten two hour Zoom calls per year and six individual sessions per year. These programs can be taken individually without requiring that an individual complete both. The majority of participants take both years.


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