Neo-Shamanic Shadow Works

Find Your Gold!

When you seek to be more aware, more whole, you will find that your mind has two parts: the conscious and the unconscious. Both are equally important, but the later remains relatively hidden, until you begin to do shadow work. Such is the nature of Neo-Shamanic Shadow Works. We help you to find and learn the tools to uncover, if not re-member, those stashed away Contents of the psyche where true gold awaits. This is why you are a Seeker.

At our workshops you’ll experience deep inner work through Neo-Shamanic Breathwork, Psychodrama, teachings on the Structure of Transformational Space: Liminality in Myth, Metaphor and Meaning,  Reorientation, Rejuvenation.

And for those who are already leaders of awareness practices, personal growth trainers and coaches – our facilitator program, called Neo-Shamanic Training, will provide you additional training, methods and frameworks to deepen your practice and assist you in becoming more efficacious in your work with others.  Your clients and participants will benefit from your increased understanding of sacred space, holding containers, the authentic elder, your cohesive self, rites of passage, ritual, emotional release, Jungian sensitivities and Neo-Shamanic Breathwork.

We invite you to connect with us.  We’ll find a way to help you discover and deepen your awareness and relation to your Unconscious Contents, especially the blocks that are holding you back from becoming a better version of yourself.
Neo-Shamanic Breathwork

We Invite You to Connect with us. We'll find a way to discover your Unconscious Traumas. Name them. Find Freedom.

Neo-Shamanic Breathwork

The Cornerstone of Our Shadow Work

Neo-Shamanic Breathwork:

  • Is in the tradition and direct lineage of Holotropic Breathwork, developed by the renowned psychiatrist Dr. Stanislav Grof.  Dr. Grof is arguably one of the most influential transpersonal psychology theorists in the world.;
  • Is a safe and effective process that combines
    Deep Breathing, Evocative Music and Sacred Space
  • Brings about expanded States of Awareness;
  • Allows for releasing blocked emotions, complexes and even overly rigid belief systems…

…All in a safe and supportive environment.

Neo-Shamanic Breathwork was developed by James Frazier, one of the most experienced Holotropic Breathwork Practitioners in the country.  He has been leading breathwork events since 1986 all across the US and in other countries.  For a discussion on the differences in Holotropic Breathwork and Neo-Shamanic, see this section: About James Frazier.

James Frazier

Founder of Neo-Shamanic Shadow Works

Founder of Neo-Shamanic Shadow Works, with 37+ years as a breathwork workshop leader, teacher and facilitator and a serious student of C. G. Jung, Dr. Stanislav Grof, Dr. Robert Moore, Dr. Edward Edinger, Dr. Robert Johnson and many others in the various fields of the investigation of the human psyche.

Neo-Shamanic Training

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The centerpiece for all of our Shadow Work explorations, the Neo-Shamanic Breathwork sets the tone, establishes the fodder and facilitates subsequent discourse mining, in search of the Gold. At least one session of it is usually included in all of our workshops and trainings.

Jungian Coaching Training

A Break From Everyday Life

Jungian Coaching Training:
  • Provides Training & Tools to allow you to work with clients on their personal growth and development using Jungian and Neo-Jungian models and frames.
  • Psyche Construction Project builds a strong cohesive self structure in order for participants to better deal with the challenges coming at them from their inner and outer worlds, as well as managing change.
  • Ego/Self Relationship Learn about the structure and dynamics of your own psyche and deepen your conscious awareness of the Ego/Self Relationship. Get better at accessing and regulating these power plants of the psyche.
  • Boundaries & Self Esteem Become better at relationships, less codependency, develop better insights, get much better at boundary setting and finally increase self esteem – connecting with your unique gifts and bringing them into the world in a service capacity.