About James Frazier

My personal mission is to combine the best of Shamanic sensibilities, especially non-ordinary states of consciousness and awareness, with the best discoveries and models of depth psychology.  This royal marriage provides the maps, the tools, and the experiential processes necessary for healing, regeneration and building stronger, effective and more cohesive self structures.



Neo-Shamanic Shadow Works
James Frazier, founder of Neo-Shamanic Shadow Works



James Frazier, MA

James Frazier is a seminar presenter, workshop facilitator, personal growth consultant, storyteller, and teacher with 

a background in counseling, experiential psychotherapy, and personal and spiritual development. James holds a Masters from Bath Spa University in Bath, England and has been conducting seminars and experiential workshops throughout the United States, Canada, and in Europe since 1986.   A serious student of depth psychology, as well as a seasoned teacher and guide, James has a wide range of experience in both group and individual work. 

Certified Holotropic Breathwork
Studied under Dr. Stanislav Grof
Dr. Stanislav Grof

James Frazier has been leading breath work workshops and other seminars since 1986. He studied under Dr. Stanislav Grof and was in the first group to be certified by Dr. Grof to practice holotropic breath work. 

James is one of the most experienced breath work practitioners in the country having led  Breathwork seminars throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

James has over 40 years of experience in the field of counseling and personal growth and development consulting. He holds a Master of Arts from Bath Spa University, Bath, England.

Uncovering Shadow
Psycho-Therapeutic Processing
James Frazier MA
Beginning in 1990, he started leading and co-leading a number of weekly women's and men’s psychotherapy groups.  These groups were highly experiential and utilized a powerful psycho-therapeutic process developed by Dr. Ron Herring called G.U.T.S. (Great for Uncovering Shadow).  
This process consists of psychodrama, voice dialogue and expressive emotional release as well as other therapeutic components. He continues to facilitate this process in addition to Holotropic Breathwork in his longer closed groups.
Added Jungian Sensibilities
Psycho-Spiritual Work Discovered
James Frazier MA
From 1986 till 1996 James had transitioned from traditional counseling to presenting Holotropic Breathwork workshops as his full-time occupation, while at the same time pursuing a deep engagement and study of the work of C. G. Jung and other Jungian theorists.
By 1996 his practice began to change due to ten years of Jungian and Neo-Jungian studies and to increased requests by workshop participants to do individual personal growth and development work.  At this time, he reduced his workshop schedule and began to do more individual work with clients using Jungian models and maps of the psyche.  This experience led to his desire to blend the experiential method of breathwork with the best insights and maps of depth psychology which has resulted in a new model for change, healing, reorientation, initiation and regeneration for personal growth and development.  Today, a large part of his practice is working with individuals for psycho-spiritual growth as well as guiding clients who are in transition states.
Neo-Shamanic is born
Psycho-tropic blends with Shamanic
Neo-Shamanic Shadow Works
Part of his mission is working to combine the best of Shamanic wisdom with the incredible insights and discoveries about the human psyche made by the depth psychologists, especially the work of C.G. Jung and the classical Jungians such as Dr. Edward Edinger, Marie Louise von Franz, and Robert Johnson. He also relies heavily on the work of the world-renowned Neo-Jungian theorist Dr. Robert Moore. 

To that end he has designed a two-year Neo-Shamanic Training program that provides practitioners the necessary knowledge to guide their clients into deep healing processes safely and effectively.